Professional 3D Swimming Pool Renderings
Your swimming pool is a major investment that will increase the value of your home and add hours of outdoor enjoyment for years to come.  You want to make sure your future backyard is perfect down to the smallest detail.  Most companies offer flat 2D penciled or colored designs.

While these plans and printouts give you an overview of your design, Important details are often difficult to understand.  For example, have you considered how your new pool will enhance the view from your living room.  Have you thought about how the color and surface of the decking will change your house color; or how the arrangement of lights will help you enjoy your pool at night.  No flat drawing can properly show these details.

At Bob Herrold’s All Seasons Pools & Spas we have the ability to give you a state-of-the-art professional 3D swimming pool design that gives you the full rendered experience you need to make the important decisions about your investment.

Geometric Style Pools
A Geometric pool will have any combination of straight lines, angles and circles. These types of pools can have long sleek lines for a modern look or they could have a very elegant look such as a Roman or Grecian style pool. Once again elevations changes on this type of pool can be a great way to showcase materials or a way to overlap the clean lines of a modern pool. It is very common to carry the geometry of the pool shape into the steps, benches and sunshelfs. Geometric pools can be a simple rectangular pool or look like an architectural sculpture.

Freeform Style Pools
Freeform shaped pools can be any shape you desire. They usually have free flowing and curving lines that are made up of a series of radius sections joined together. Elevation changes around the pool such as raised pool beams, raised spas, planters and steps can help create additional areas to display selected materials such as tile or stone. Adding a beach area, a sunshelf, steps or benches can be a great way to create more functional areas within the pool itself.

Lagoon Style Pools
A Lagoon style pool is similar to a freeform pool in respect that it follows the same guidelines in using a combination of radius curves to create the pool shape. A lagoon style pool will sometimes have much more dramatic curves that flow in and out, a lot more than simple kidney bean shape. Lagoon style pools will take on a more natural and organic shape, sometimes blended with planter areas, rocks and waterfalls. It should resemble a lagoon. Choosing the right interior pool finish can make the pool look like a tropical oasis or a pond.

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